In the state of Oaxaca and the town of Teotitán del Valle, Federico Chavez Santiago and Dolores Chavez Arellanes weave rugs on old family looms of astonishing color and design. The rugs made with pure natural dyes are sold at their gallery in Oaxaca City.  You can also buy the rugs and see weaving and dying demonstrations at their workshop in the family home in Teotitlán.  Federico is a master weaver of renown with rugs in US museums and private collections.  He also weaves rugs on commission and can replicarte a design or painting. The Chavez  family invites you to visit them in Oaxaca to share their love of beautiful wool, color and design.
R u g s  a n d  T e x t i l e s  -  C h á v e z    S a n t i a g o    F a m i l y   o f   W e a v e rs  
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